Tuesday, August 19, 2008

flippy floppy bazoomika

So, I called our Landlord today. And I confirmed with him that we are definatly moving out. I got a call today while I was at work... from the Realtor who is selling the place. She has someone who wants to buy it. But they want Joe and I to sign an agreement that we will extend our lease next year when it's up. PLUS she said that our rent would go up (more than it was before).......no pets, etc. Get rid of Drake & Nilla. Is she fucking crazy? Must be smokin some good shit and aint sharing.

We have 2 prospects. The first one we're doing a "drive by" tomorrow. I got the address from the guy on the phone today. Should be interesting to see and depending on what we think we're going to tour on saturday. No extra for Drake or Nilla and best of all: no expensive credit shit or needless application fees.

The 2nd we're also doing a drive by on tomorrow. We're taking a tour on thursday after work. This guy said it's $25 app fee per family. And he said that as long as your honest and upfront about what you think is on your report then he has no problem renting to people who have been "down on thier luck". I told him I try to pay atleast a week in advance and shoot for 2. I can't always do it because of the way paychecks fall but I am never late. And when he talks to our Current Landlord he'll confirm it.

I really feel good about this 2nd prospect. He has a few openings comming up soon. It'll give us enough time to gather more funds and work out details with our Landlord on when we're moving out, etc. And he said that if he does sell to the other person within the next week or so that it'd still give us atleast a month or 2 with them dealing and closing before we'd be under the new landlord.

Our Landlord also told me today that in the event it's sold and we havn't found a new place to live that the new owner cannot raise our rent until our lease agreement is up because we have a signed contract and the new owner will assume all contracts made by our landlord and you can't just up people's rent in the middle of a lease agreement... But I don't trust them to not try to jackitup on us.

So Im a bit more calmer today. Not as hating. It helps I had a great day at work. The food sucked ass, but we had a great time just driving around after work looking for apartments in the area. We went and had subway for dinner (which makes Tuna 2x today because I had tuna sandwhich for lunch. No way was I touching thier "pulled pork bbq"). We won 2 free cookies! And we're 1 letter closer to winning some awesome prizes with thier scrabble game. I'd really like to get my hands on the 100 grand or even the Hybrid would be nice. The diamond you could sell and still make mad money.

I seriously could not have asked for a better man in my life. And why or how he puts up with me, I'll never understand. But it seems that every little silly thing I do, makes him love me more. ...Like i have the bright idea to save on money to use empty 2 liter bottles as storage containers for my sugar and flour. (i was using ziplock freezer bags) Well, the sugar poured perfectly......However I was having issues with the flour getting stuck. I'm sure you know what I mean. It created a damn of flour in my funnel. And here comes joe to the rescue and we have flour everywhere. It was wonderful. It was a great exeperience to share together.

Including when I bring home "strangers" and harass pizza joints: We invited a friend of ours from SneezyMud over on Saturday to just hangout, meet and be merry. Well, I got drunk way too early and passed out but woke up when Chekov arrived and we started hanging out. Everything is going good, I cook dinner we have Parmesan Chicken w/ Garlic Linguini. HMMMM delicious! After a while I'm *REALLY* craving Pizza Hut's ApplePizza and Chocolate Dippers:

So what does this still kinda buzzin crazy woman do? I call every Pizza Hut within a 15 mile radius and ask them to deliver, which they don't deliver here. I call every pizza place in a 5 mile radius if they have anything similair-no, if they'd deliver if they did-no. Finally, I give up. I called Dominos (who has had at one point some stuff similair and who, by a miracle will deliver here) and asked them if they had it. Guy said no. I asked him if he was near a pizza hut. He said yes. I asked him if he'd go and get my order from Pizza Hut and deliver to my house since they wont deliver here...

Yes, I did that. And Chekov said that comment alone made the 2.5 hour trip here more than worth it. And ofcourse my Joe had to brag about me to his boss who asked me seriusly there is no way I did that, and yes I did. Because I am awesome like that.