Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Need For Speed: Carbon

While my lovely handsome man plays the above game, I thought I'd write a little & catchup.

Sunday: We went grocery shopping, did the laundry and watched the Tudors most of the day. Other than that, we were your basic lazy sunday couple....oh and I didn't have to work. Someone covered for me *sweet*

Monday: My first official day as an empoyee of AcctgCmd. It was awesome. Everyone is so happy that I got transfered.........everyone but those in TheSpa that is. muhahahahaha..... so anyways, after work we went and had panera bread where i offically lost my sanity and refused to eat. and then broke down and ate anyways. so then we go to the therapist and she said "i'm writing a note to your doc to find you a different method, i can't do anything for you" and i agreed that was best and we came home. I then watched more Tudors.

Tuesday: well, we were gonna walk but i forgot my shoes at home and so we just came home and ate dinner. I finished the 2nd season of the tudors. I can't believe Queen Anne is dead. I cried. Seriously, I loved her. I don't like this blonde bimbo bitch King Henry is with now... Fucking whore bitch. I also watched the season finale of Secret Diary of a Call Girl and it was lame.... Not enough sex for me. Not enough skin. But gods is she hot, I'd fuck her.

Today: We went for a walk...kinda...I got mad and went back to the truck. and well, Somewhere somehow I hurt my foot. It's throbbing and swollen. I can't walk on it proper. I'm walking on the outside of it and limping. My inner thigh and leg hurts too but I think its from the limping. And today just sucked ass big balls nuts. I hated today. Joe cooked dinner for us. It was delicious burgers. Yummy. I've been a bitch today. I can't help it, I'm in a bad mood damnit.

Oh well......