Saturday, August 09, 2008

A Day at the Zoo

So my baby and I went to the Lincoln Park Zoo today. It was my first time riding on a train. Kinda neat getting there faster than we would have in a car and definatly cheaper because of gas and having to pay for parking. Didn't take us long to walk around the zoo. We saw some beautiful lions. But my absolute favorite was the polar bears. There was one that kept swimming up to the glass and opening her jaw like she was going to bite. Absolutely wonderful.

The reptile house was a little too crowded to enjoy it. The bird house was pretty neat and the Penguin house was a little dissapointing because the glass was dirty and foggy and they weren't in the water swimming around, couldn't see em. I was going to take pictures but joe grabbed the wrong size batteries, but that's ok. We'll go again another time. We saw some wild african dogs and they were just absolutely beautiful!

When we got done with the zoo we went to the plant house that near it. That was pretty neat. I really loved the fern room because they tried to set it up like how it would be if dinosaurs were living in it.

Then when we got dropped off at our stop on the way back we decided to go check out a gym that's open 24/7 near the house. And we decided to sign up. $150 for both of us to start off and $80 a month for both of us. Not bad, we got the family special. That includes personal trainers as well. Our first session is on Friday. But right now we have a week long guest pass to come and use the treadmills/whatever at our convenience to make sure first. The training schedule we have is Mon, Tues and Thurs with the trainers. And ofcourse free to use the facilities inbetween on our own.

I no longer have physical therapy. I can't remember if I said this yet or not. That was on monday. It was a mutual decision between me, joe and the therapist. So my doctor referred me to get an MRI for my lumbar area and also referred me to a pain specialist. My MRI is for this comming Tuesday. I've had one before, I vaguely remember it. I was too doped up on morphine. I've put in a message to the specialist for them to call me and make an appointment for after the MRI.

Anyways, we talked to one of the trainers and he said he knows of different core excersises that shouldn't hurt me and help strengthen me and allow me to lose weight. He said in about 6 months they can have me to 1/2 my goal. Not bad huh? We'll see. We need to keep a food diary. Tomorrow I'm going to get Joe and I mini notebooks so we can write down daily what we're eating and take them in with us. They said they'll help us develop better nutiritional habbits that is complimentary to both our needs. Joe wants to build muscle and develop his abs/arms while toning and I just want to lose the fucking stomach fat and flabby arms.

We bought Nilla a new house today. And found some treats that Drake will actually eat. Her new house is one of those connectables and stackables so it's expandable. It's some contraption I tell ya. We're trying to figure a way to connect the old cage with the new one......

And on a sad note: It looks like my Fave NFL player of all time is longer playing with the Packers. You heard me: Instead of letting Favre come back as the starting quarterback for the Packers they traded him to the Jets and he will be the starting quarterback for the Jets. He's already winning games for them, they won thier first preason game against the Cleveland Browns by 4 points. I'm sad to see him leave the Packers. I'm still a Packers fan. I'm really dissapointed that he's not playing for them and I understand that he wants to play and he should be allowed to play. I can't believe they traded off the best damn player they'll ever have. And refused to let him start instead of Aaron Rodgers. It's been a sad week in NFL history. He said there is no guarantee he'll want to play again next season but he had to have one more season and since the Packers wouldn't let him start he said he wanted to be traded to a team that would let him be the starting quarterback.

Ok I guess that's all for me...I'm gonna catch up on my blog reading.