Thursday, July 31, 2008

short sweet sour

my back feels better today. but i didn't have therapy either.

the storms kept us from walking...bummer.

i made an excellent dinner. yummy.

and BioM's mom (GrandmaJ) is in the hospital ICU. It appears she had a heart attack. They believe she may have had a stroke as well... why do i feel numb? I feel some concern. I swear I'm not completely cold hearted. Its just that GmaJ and BioM are exactly alike... I havn't spoken to GmaJ

i was suppose to see her when we went home in may.....oh yea. it was right before H & I got married. I was 20ish. 8 maybe 9 years.

I'm a horrible person. or is it my family is so bad sometimes... i mean thier exactly alike. thier both freakin crazy sometimes. you should see the letter BioM sent me today.

I really am afraid for my own personal mental health.

and no, i'm not joking. 1 aunt, a gma and BioM have mental illness. Who's to say I'm not next?