Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I should be Excited

I am excited. But I don't feel so hot... I really don't feel good. I'm all achey and feverish feeling.

The only person I havn't talked to yet about my moving is my dad and grandpa. And my Swift. Which, I'm sure after talking to his wife, He'll know.

I'm gonna go lay down or something. Try and feel better... Wait, I have to wait til mom gets home so I can talk to dad... I don't wanna do this alone. I know, I am such a wimp when it somes to my dad. But his approval and love means SO much to me. He's been the only and constant solid thing in my life EVER. Even BioMom hasn't been that. I've seen her maybe a handful of times in my life.

Shit, I gotta notify all kinds of family members and tell them. I have moving. Well, big moves like this anyways.