Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Don't Give up on Me, OK?

I made my decision. I have to arrange the final details, but I made my decision. I'm moving to Chicago. Yes, I'm moving.

I've talked to my mom. I'm gonna move all my stuff into my storage shed and move hers out (what she wants out anyways) and send her the $35 a month for it. I think I can mail it in, but we'll see. Details details.

SO, DONT give up on my blog! In a few weeks my entries will be far and few between I'm sure. But they'll be juicy juicy. I promise.

So you still read and come back and check in on me and I'll do my part and try my damnest to get on when I can and blurt it all out for you all, and ofcourse read yall's blogs too.

I couldn't sleep til I got it out there...

My email address is changed (its a secondary that became primary because my primary through my ISP will be deleted when I move). If you want my email address, let me know and I'll give to you. I'm not gonna post it out for the whole spambots to get ahold of!

Well, I have to get some sleep. Gonna have to give my 2 week notice soon at work. WISH ME LUCK!

And, if your reading this and your from around Chicago.... Wanna hook up? Go for a movie and/or beer? Let me know. I know just barely a handful of people in Chicago. BARELY... I can countem on less then 1 hand :P