Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I have a theory!

Altho Its probly not a very good one... but atleast tell me what you think...

I was fixin to lay down and go to sleep and this thought hit me. And I had to share.

God WAS a real person. (The christian god) And he had a bunch of people write the Bible, etc. He was a great ruler, or wanted to be a great ruler over a country. So, he had his knights, his true worshipers of him as King, develope a book (the bible) and a strategy to make him the greatest leader of all time.

You notice how christians "worship" God and are subserviant to god and this that and the other... They way I hear my parents and thier christian friends talk, it sounds like thier refering to a KING that rules the land.

I have come to the conclusion that GOD was a real man (just like Jesus was)who had sex with some slave of his or village woman and got her knocked up. She said she was a virgin and gave birth to the King's son. As a method of gettin more followers. His son, Jesus decided he wasn't gonna take Daddy's shit no more and left. (Hence the years that aren't wrote about him in the bible) and then he comes back, asks daddy to forgive him, etc and his dad Kills him. (Maybe his plan was for the old geezer to die and he was gonna change/make right the wrong his deadbeat dad was diong) Then GOD has him killed or whatever. In HIS name. TO make people fear him more. He says he does this out of love. Or maybe Jesus came back and said "Dad, I heard your plan for world domination, please don't I'll do anything if you stop this non-sense" and he said "Die for them then" and it happened.

The point is. I now honestly and truly believe that God was a powerful dictator and slaughtered his own son for his own selfish gain and is just as bad a person as Hitler and Saddam could have ever been or worse because he's still in a powerful reign and everyone is too damn terrified to NOT follow him anymore even tho he is thousands of years dead and burried. And people were fucking cattle then (and stupid and didn't know better) and cattle now that was scared and frightened and worshipped this dictator to save thier fucking lives so he wouldn't kill them either. Somehow, it has lasted thousands of years, the reign this TERRORIST has ahold of our people of Earth.

You think I'm a crock of shit for this theory? Or do you think thier may be some truth in it? Let me know your opinion :) I'd love to hear your thoughts on this as well.