Friday, September 30, 2011

keepin it high, keepin it high

Last night our 9 ball team won AGAIN and since the other 2 teams had a point different of 2 points (our ex members team lost to the owner of the hall's team by 2 friggin points woot!) and we got like 70 something points we are in 1st place with high points by almost 40! gotta keep it going gotta keep it up gotta keep it high and high and high!! Next week we play Outlaw's team (they lost by 2 points last night). and i'm already putting together matchups in my head who would do best against whom... he has some good players but i believe we are the stronger team.

and this team is... Jester (myself), Maverick, Sundown, Hollywood, Jones and Ace.

In Love, Laughter and Light...