Friday, August 05, 2011

My tattoos

As we all know this one loves her tattoos. In junction with what I currently have I want:
  • the 8 ball and the 9 ball also maybe a full rack too
  • the rest of the tarot cards... wand (fire), pentacle (earth) and cup (water)
  • my most coveteded one and most expensive: comedy/tragedy faces done joker style with the treble clef between them
For the remainder of the tarot cards I was thinking of just going down my right leg (which is where the sword is, upper right out side of my leg). Then the sword (air) would be on top. It has a blue stone in the hilt for air as well. If I can get a good enough artist I can find one who can draw out the other 3 to match the sword like a set. That would be awesomeness! I thinking I want to represent the elements are little more, not sure what to do about the sword but the pentacle could have vines, the wand fire some how and the cup spilling a little bit of water down the side or have it over flow water.

For the 8 and 9 ball I was thinking of having them "crashed" into each other like a broken heart type of deal. How awesome would that be?! just don't have a friggin CLUE as to where I'd put it on my body! I'd like it easily showable but easily hideable like the rest of mine...

The comedy/tragedy joker faces are going on my back. Was lower back but since the spine fusion I have a scar so I am sure it's going to be on my back just not which position on my back.

What do you think? Do you love tattoos?