Tuesday, April 19, 2011

11 days ... still counting down!

I have been so busy but not busy I have been a bad girl and neglected by blog!! I'm sorry!!

Since we last spoke all of my bridesmaids have thier attire now. ArmyGirl agreed to be a bridesmaid :) She found the perfect dress in 3 days of looking :)

I've been enjoying making new friends at work. I'll have to come up with some names I guess!! lol We have an expected 75 people to come to the wedding! How awesome is that. One of the above mentioned work friends is going to babysit the furrbabies for us and stay at the house so it's not empty while we're gone for a week and a half. Insane as it might sound ... Kai actually likes her.

We threw a "mini party" last week and it was a great success!

All in all... just chillaxin and loving my fiance and anxiously awaiting our wedding!