Sunday, February 27, 2011

cheater cheater!! lol, not really :)

I use to get on the scale every day or 2 days and I made myself STOP. Well.... don't know what's possessed me the past week but I've gotten on the scale daily and I am down to just over 240 lbs. The scale marker isn't RIGHT ON the 40 it's just A HAIR above I'm calling it 240.5... If you look to the side you'll notice that's about 3-4 lbs in less than a week. I know, that's excessive but I wasn't trying. I've been eating, hell I've been eating.... if you know what I mean!! lol And, haven't been excersizing this week. With a full weeks worth of orientation and working 7 days straight I am so ready for this coming Saturday!! I get to go WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING!!

I am squeeling my happy ass all the way to Memphis!!