Tuesday, November 09, 2010

ok Karma, what did I do to piss you off??

Was it being happy?? Was it that I was going to do something for myself?? Was it because --oh I don't know... I have a job that actually makes me feel good inside because I'm helping People and thier Pets??

Tell me WHY is it that at 10pm last night my cable tv and internet got cut off... oh that's simple... we never received a bill, we received the 1st one which was not really a bill at all but a "balance due" on the stuff we had ordered (had to pay for the dvr separate)... so after that, never received a friggin bill. So a person (me) who pays thier bills impecably didn't pay thier tv/internet bill *sigh* but it was in Taranis' name and he had to spend his lunch break dealing with that crap and thankfully was able to get it taken care of.

Also, the "new" radiator we got his truck, yeap just as bad as the old one and buying used thier is no "warranties" -what you see is what you get so we went and bought a brand spankin new one yesterday -over $150 bucks thank you very much! We were already beyond breaking at that point and to come home and find the cable out and that we owed another $100 (due to late fees) to turn it on just really put a cramp in the things that need to get done:

magnetic paper for the save the dates
cake toppers -one for the cake one for our centerpeice
my contacts

thankfully Taranis got another payout on his retirement 401k that we were not expecting (that covered the radiator and cable) then we were left with doing without on those 3 items above until... i got my payout from the food poisoning. yay for them sending ME the check instead of the hospital!!

i have to learn to not be happy or something, seriously -I don't know why it is but once I feel happy or content or relaxed all of my world falls apart and 99% its monetary issues. I don't understand why or how I could have such bad money Karma when I try so freakin hard to be awesome with the finances. everything I do blows up in my face and the way things are going I doubt I'll have ANY money for our wedding... lets just hope that the tax return/refund is enough and I can save a little more each check... MY check is supose to be wedding money but it's not turning out to be that way :-(