Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Brrrr! It's gettin' cold in here, it's so cold I'm-a put my Snuggie on!!

Our heater isn't working... just left a vm for our landlord. This makes the 3rd item to break/not working to begin with... our first week here the dishwasher didn't work, then a few weeks after that the garbage disposal decided to leak (we gather it leaked the whole time we didn't realize it until it became a very large leak) and now the heat doesn't work and it's friggin cold! The a/c works and it's an all in one unit we believe... waiting for her to call me back. ugh.

Kai got spayed last week, she's doing good but her immune system crashed so now she has a cold and i'm sure this cold house isn't helping her!

Work is getting better, I'm starting to actually retain the information and I don't think I'm making as many mistakes as before.

We had planned to go see BioMom this weekend but I honestly forgot all about it all and ended up having to work and so she was going to come visit and she was afraid to travel alone. We were going to visit Taranis' momma for actual turkey day but that's not in our budget right now because of the move and neither of us can get off long enough... I hope maybe we can go for christmas? dunno yet but I do know she's trying to come visit in January and I'm gonna go to BioMom's in February hopefully.

I got great news regarding my credit, I'm finally all cleared up! It's great to feel like I can actually go and do something with our future now instead of being scared of rejection and looking down upon by others because my past was rocky.

Really wish my landlord would call... less clothing is more comfortable but damn I'm cold :( going back to snuggle under blankies.