Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Driving in Circles

A week ago my man got his 401k payout from the company he worked for up north. BOA decided to hold the money for 5 days pending credit verification and approval aka they didn't trust the check was NOT fraudulent...ugh... anyways... Friday we got us a 50 inch plasma tv, a new cabinet to put it in and 2 new laptops. Just in time too because mine was literally melting at the power plug into the pc. So my man got him a new laptop and I got me a new laptop. We got us a new tv, all is awesome...

until we go to look for him a new/used decent/not a peice of trash vehicle so I could look for a part time job to help keep paying off past debt and put money towards our wedding.

we drove over 600 miles in 1 weekend looking for a vehicle for him but at the last minute we found one -right when I was at the breaking point and about to give up and say "it's not meant to be" we found a nice decent truck that needs MINOR - ROUTINE - maintenance... I was getting pretty fed up with jerks and assholes lying about thier vehicles they were saying.

Now, I'm waiting. remember when I said I was turned down for an interview because they needed me at 3pm and couldn't wait until 330 pm? Well, I had an interview with them yesterday (because now we have 2 vehicles I can start whenever)...and was able to shadow the position today that i would be working and I have to say I love it!! All I need now is for them to say they want me too. I'm waiting for thier call. However we don't have signal here 99.99% of the time. Hopefully she leaves a voicemail!