Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Boycott List

McDonalds: for trying to charge me extra for something that's included with the meal (my drink) and then when we go online to the "complaint" center they sent us a standard form email saying how great it was *big smiles* to get our wonderful feed back: here are some free one has yet to acknowledge the overage of charging that almost occured...

Burger King: while traveling from Arkansas back to Chicago from vacation we stopped and got some breakfast to go. We ordered English Muffin sandwhiches not hockey pucks. I have yet to receive my refund that was promised.

CarMax: for selling me a car that is not up to standards - for lying to me and for giving me the run around.

Cats Auto Repair: for saying they fixed the problem and when I take the problem back to them WITH AN APPOINTMENT I am told "they'll get to it when they can" and I'm carless. When I discover they will not get to it that day I ask for the shuttle back to thier shop which is now, oooh so sorry... not available. I then walk from home to them to pick up my car in nearly 100 degree weather... its still not fixed.

well AT&T you just had to piss me off huh?? it's bad enough that I overpaid you $45 but to transfer me to 10 different people and the final one just hang up on me for no reason -yea, I don't care if you're the ONLY service in whatever area I live in, I'll go without for the rest of my life... F8ck you! Keep the $45, really a large corporation like you definitly needs it more than I do...

Stay Tuned! I am sure I'll have more to add! Please, share your boycott stories!!