Tuesday, June 01, 2010

whoa!! did you see that?

I did and wish I hadn't.

for fear of pulling unwanted traffic from my family and IRL friends to the blog I am not going to tell you where I saw something happen that I wish I hadn't instead I'll show you pictures <--follow that link.

Yes, that happened on the way home from our vacation with my family doing wedding stuff. we were just seconds behind it and i can still see the fireballs in front of my eyes.

I am in shock still. I get teary over it. I can not begin to explain except that it was like a bomb going off in front of us. And the sound was horrendous.

I am thankful to be alive that we were not physically part of the crash yet I feel guilty for being one of the lucky ones. I feel sadness and my heart breaks for those who lost thier lives and thier families and we are praying for those involved and in the hospital.

follow the below links for news articles...
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