Saturday, May 22, 2010

Boot Camp results

I so did not meet my goals this week. I maintained again. And I only walked 9.5 miles this week.

I blame it on work. I've been going in between 7am-730am leaving at 5-530pm and taranis has been going in at 6am and coming home after 7pm. so by the time we eat dinner he's ready for bed so we're not staying up as late for me to workout a 2nd time and i am too freakin exhausted to anyways.

Its time for me to go start the wash and walk a couple miles today!! Tomorrow we're going to see the White Sox and Marlins play so you know tomorrow will be shot unless I wake up early enough to do it before the game.

ps i guess i could also blame it on eating out 3 times this week and instead of ordering something healthy like a salad i chose to order burgers. yea, not very impressive huh??