Sunday, January 03, 2010

lets tell the whole world about my menstral cycle shall we?

Especially my dad and my brothers and sisters and counsins and aunts and uncles on FB!

Savannah today posted on a picture of dinner rolls that Taranis had baked... the conversation was like this:

Savannah  Somebody besides you cooking??
Me He likes to bake breads :)
Savannah LOL.. not sure what that means.. :>)
Me  Hahaha bad Savannah!!
Savannah  Always.. See ya Monday.. You visitor gone so you gonna have a better week?
Savannah  (visitor means monthly friend)
Me  Um.. No comment :)

I then sent her a text (on my phone so I can't copy/paste) basically explaining that my "visitor" was a few days away and reminded her *AGAIN* that I have hormonal problems and I am on medication hormones... I explained to her that I thought I was keeping a good reign on myself but I guess not.

Her reply: that I'm being defensive and "someone" at work said I was being "grumpy" and that I must be "on my monthly"... wtf ever. No One talks to her about me like that. And then said that she is "on my side" (what side? are we in a war with someone I don't know about?) and that she's here to help me..........................

*SHE* has a been a tyranical bitch since Monte has been on furlough. Its not my fault she bit off more than she can chew. Its not my fault she got Homer fired and has now had to take over managerial duties because they wont promote me so her life is harder at work. Its not my fault she has an asshole for a boyfriend who doesn't work and is a drunk ass. And its not my fault she's a lush herself.

On my day off on NYE she told me straight up that I did not do something that I know I did. I am not looking forward to going back to work.

I am so sick of having assholes and bitches for bosses. I don't care whether or not we have employment and I have to shackup at my dad's house and sleep in seperate beds, I'm fucking moving in October. I'm so fucking sick of Chicago and Illinois and the dumbasses here.