Thursday, December 31, 2009

Saying "Good-Bye" to my Twenties aka HAPPY NEW YEAR!

With the close of 2009 comes the realization of 2010 and that in 6 months (give or take a few days) I'll hit the big Three-Oh.

My twenties were not the funnest years of my life. I've been through heart breaks and trajedies and more major surgeries than any normal person would have in thier entire life span. But I must say the last 3 years of my twenties have been the greatest by far.

Should we do a little recap? Ok, we shall...

Upon ringing in the year 2000 I was in Chicago. Seems insane that my twenties should "begin" and "end" in the same place. I was visiting Crystal and on medical leave from the Hospital back home. I was taking some "time to myself" due to the upcoming treatments for cervical cancer that was found Late November 1999. We were waiting on a million test results (one of which to see if had the HPV virus that can cause it-which turned Negative) and back then test results were so much slower than they are now!! The Dr. started me on medical leave with a bag full of meds and told me to go on a vacation and relax. Being strung out and stressed wouldn't help my prognosis or treatment. It didn't help of course that Hephaestus and I had split up around the same time as the diagnosis due to him cheating on me with Coolio's girlfriend... I turned 20 in June and the cancer treatments stopped. I was living in Arkansas again but didn't have a steady place of residence but I was still at the hospital working my shifts and doing my best to survive.

2001 saw me getting married and losing my job at the hospital and working at a liquor store and walmart while I lived with my parents in Arkansas and H lived with his dad in Maryland. This lasted for about 9 months before I moved to Maryland at the end of 2001.

2002 was a blurr of drama. I do not recall much. We did alot of moving first TO Virginia then a few places IN Virginia... I worked for KMart for about 3 months and quit. lol yea. But H had a great job and we made great friends but it was all dramadramadrama between Baer and his women and H's family...

2003 saw me leaving Virginia and moving back to Arkansas. It also saw me raising 2 boys as my own when H's brother lost his kids due to thier living conditions early in the year. It also saw me dealing with cancer again. I lost 90% of my cervix, had my "other areas" scraped and cut out on the Eve of Christmas Eve.

2004 brought with it tons of medications from the cancer treatments and then fertility issues. I was still raising 2 boys as my own. I helped H's mom get a branch of a staffing agency up and running to be shunned from the position promised to me as she gave it to Mars' wife to help them get thier kids back...

2005 came the end of fertility treatments and a sense of hopelessness for my marriage and my ability to have kids. we "had a break" and i ended up in chicago for a few months while the boys went back to thier parents as "a trial run". Upon my return to Arkansas H and I divorced, I lost the boys forever but I gained new friendships, refound old friends and lost loves, found new "love" and lost 100 pounds. but I severly injured my back that year.

2006 was rang in with my new found friends and tons of medication and physical therapy. I saw Pebbles and Neopolitan get married this year. it was also the year I realized I couldn't do hard labor anymore and I needed another way to make money. I ended up moving to Chicago permanantly and I worked 2 jobs to make ends meet while living with Crystal PLUS auditioning for bands.

2007 was a blurr. I worked too much. I partied too much and I gained weight as my back issues started to trouble me again. It was also the year they found tumors in my uterus causing me to go back on medications. Raquel and Hunter married this year and I met Taranis and fell in love. and more band stuff...

2008 found me in Taranis' arms on NYE. We moved into our first place together. I lost a dear friend due to thier inability to be happy for me. I started injections and more PT for my back. I gained more weight. I was laid off from the Engineering firm. I quit the spa. I went back to the spa and I got promoted into Accounting. We hastily moved from 1 place to the next when we found out our landlord hadn't been paying the mortgage and we were served with eviction notices.

2009 came with more pain that I could ever imagine. Both physically and mentally (Home sickness). Raquel graduated from college. Pebbles announced her pregnancy and gave birth. Taranis asked me to be his Bride. ArmyBro was cut from the list to go overseas and fight which meant he got to stay home. And I had my spinal fusion. Homer was fired and replaced by Savannah who is driving me insane...

So how could 3 years of solid PAIN be the best 3 years of my life so far? I spent them with a man who completes me. Who loves me. And has never once turned his back on me when I needed him the most.

Cheers to 2010! Cheers to me turning 30 and getting married (again). Cheers to my resolve to lose the weight (AGAIN) and try to have a baby (again) and please lets not forget the "no pain!". And while I seem to have a ton of "agains" in my future staring am me I am sure that I'll get it right this time and will not have to repeat all this again in my 40s!