Tuesday, December 08, 2009

being the better person means

Going to the police and reporting your bitchass.

Asking FMIL to remove you from her friends list... after all it was an accident anyways that you were added.

Reporting you to fb harassment and having your ugly mug NEVER to appear again.

Blocking you from EVER seeing Taranis' profile or contacting him.

wishing: I had some way to have kept all those texts you sent me last year harassing us.

thinking ahead: printed out your harassing emails off fb to give to the police.

I hope and pray you contact me again just so I can send your ghonasyphaherpalaides filled cunt to jail.

ps-- work went much better today and I was in my zone until I received an interesting email warning me that someone was going to take my man from me...oh yea, if that was gonna happen he wouldn't have divorced your ass 4 years ago you slimey cunt. AND he'd still be in contact with her... fucking psycho biatches. why can't they just jump off a cliff and die.

lol that's a damn good name for her: Ghonasyphaherpalaides