Saturday, October 31, 2009

its time to shake rattle and roll!

I've been getting 10-15 minutes of overtime a day this week...being SO CLOSE to finishing a bill and not wanting to wait until the morning to put on the finishing touches so I stayed... Yesterday (being friday) Homer and Savannah were in Savannah's office having a "pow-wow" (aka Savannah was chewing Homer's head off for being so shitty to me this week). Its 3:00 and if I leave then I'll cut my overtime. I went into Monte's office and I explained it to him and asked him if he'd like for me to leave or if I could stay until 4:30. His words: "You keep doing what you are doing and you can stay all you want, you've accomplished in 1 week about 2 to 2 1/2 weeks of work. Just keep doing it."...THE BIG GUY! The head of my department...omigod. So, I left at 4:45!!!

I am so happy at work, minus Homer of course. Maybe after Savannah and Homer's conversation she'll lighten up on me! I've been busting ass and getting shit done and the more I do the more crappier she is to me. She's my supervisor she should be proud of me that I'm doing so great and getting us caught up again, not upset and hateful.

We had a company-wide party on Thursday. I got to hang out with Otto more and we're becoming good friends. I even let him add me on facebook. Insane, right? But the best part of the whoooooooole party was when the Head Banquet Captain went up to Savannah and Monte and told them how pleased and happy he was to find me back with the company because things will finally be done and done right!

Oh, and the issue about having to give up reading blogs so i could do other things online: meaning watching my soaps off the man hooked me up with watching them on the ps3. Oh ya! I can watch my soaps on my tv through my ps3 and I can read and look at blogs during commercials <3

hmmmmmm what else?

If I think of anything else I will let you know, huh?

Oh yea, thank you all for everything! the encouraging words, the prayers, everything. Even tho we may be hundreds maybe even thousands of miles apart, we are still friends and you all mean so much to me!