Sunday, October 18, 2009

He got me Flowers!! Blankie Update & I <3 Chili weather!!!

Friday I stayed up all night (most of it anyways) to get the man off to work to fix some violations in the warehouse... We knew that if one of us didn't stay up he'd never get out the door. And you know men don't think of themselves... So I stayed up and woke him at 3:30 am up and fixed him french toast and coffee and kicked his ass out the door at 4:30 am. Then I crashed. When he came home He had this bouquet in his hands!! Isn't he the sweetest man ever in the whole world??

I havn't been crocheting while on Medical Leave like I was supose to... I don't know if it was the medications or what but I was just "eh" to the whole crocheting thing... I would crochet once day a week but only for a few hours and barely got through the pink in the past 3 months!! 3 months for 1 color! And suddenly last week... BAM the crochet bug HIT me... I finished the pink and I was so excited about getting into the next color that I couldn't stop and I've been crocheting like a mad woman. what took 3 months will take a week, I'll have the green done and into the next color (Yellow) by tonight (if I get my ass off the computer....)

I now have 2 projects looming infront of me... I want to make a baby blankie for my soon-to-be-born neice from Pebbles & Neopolitan. At first the doc said she was due in December then changed to January and now they're saying December again! I want to get finish this project before I do anymore and I got 5(?) more colors left...I can't remember I got em all in a list how we decided... And ofcourse Raquel and Hunter want a Pink & Camo blanket... Yes, she is truly my sister. You mention camo to Pebbles and she cringes but you mention it to me and Raquel and we're in happy world!! That's how you know Raquel and I are blood sisters and Pebbles is our step-sister. But there is no steps in this family. She's still our sister but doesn't share our love of camo. Its sad really!! So Pebbles says they are doing Tinkerbell and very minimal pink so I thought a nice soft green with soft pink trimming would be great. Its a surprise, I can't wait to work on it.

(our rainbow blankie i've been working on since april? yikes!!! i need to get my rear in gear)

Fall is one of my favorites times of year. The beautiful changes in colors of the leaves, halloween and the crisp freshness in the air! So in honor of the cold season I made chili last nom nom!! We have left overs (ofcourse you can't make chili right if it aint a huge batch) and so we froze the leftovers and next week we'll thaw it out and have frito chili pie... NOM OM NOM om om om NOM NOM!!