Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Memories... Blog Swap

Hey there, readers! Dani from She laughs too easily & cries too hard... here for the 20-something bloggers Blog Swap.

Lest we get off on a misleading foot I feel like I should tell y'all, I am not a Gemini. I'm a Leo. Roar! Take that for what it's worth. Either way, I'm not here to talk about astrology (probably because I would be drastically outwitted). I'm here to talk about halloween memories from when I was a tiny person.

When we first agreed on this theme, I have to admit I was a tad stumped. I was never into the whole goosey night business so I couldn't write about that. Because I don't have any siblings I always just went out trick-or-treating with Daddy until I was old enough to go with friends. Looking back all I could remember were awful costumes. Wow...really awful costumes...what the hell was I thinking...THATS IT!

So, without further ado I present you with the top 3 unfortunate Halloween costumes I had in elementary school:

3) Fat Troll Doll: Now granted, I was supposed to just be a Troll Doll (because it was the early 90s and that was neat) but I got the flu the week before Halloween. My mother decided that since I was only mostly better a few alterations to my costume were in order. Instead of the flesh colored dance tights I had planned on wearing she picked up a white sweat suit and dyed it in tea so it was mildly skin colored. Actually they were kinda albino looking. No seven year old wants to walk around looking like a fat, naked albino with pink hair. Trust me.

2) Fragile Picnic: I think we got the original idea out of American Girl magazine. It involved dowels, a lot of red and white checked cloth and gluing plastic fruit and plates to myself. Problem was, mom didn't want to glue because it was permanent so she taped them on. Can I get a guess how long plastic fruit stays taped to an eight year old hyped up on sugar. Answer: Approximately 5 seconds.

1) Dice: Another fantastic American Girl idea. This one stayed together but it had some functional issues. You take a big box paint it white and apply construction paper dots. Just wear black underneath and you are set. Until you need to sit down...or walk through a narrow doorway...or pee. Yeah, folks, when a Halloween costume prevents you from peeing, that should be a sign that it is a poor life choice. Lesson learned. what am i going to be this year? Oh I promise you, it's gonna be real classy...just as Zapruder.

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