Wednesday, September 30, 2009

i'm angry

yep you heard me, i'm mad and pissed off and upset. why? the insurance company denying my claims on the surgery... but they are paying other claims like the xrays and stuff that are related to the surgery. don't worry, i wont tell them! i can only take so many "denieds" before i scream.

i'm putting in an appeal. hopefully Taranis can get my paperwork that I need from the doc's office today. then by the end of the week i should have a letter from the doc stating that the surgery was necessary. then i can finish putting it all together and send it off. and wait. while the hospital and the doc's office calls me demanding money. not that i am not going to give them one fucking red penny before this is final. and if i am denied again i'm calling a lawyer. and i'll either sue the bitch who fucked up and make her pay or i'll sue the insurance company for not making themselves available to me like thier supose to by paying the fucking claim.

now guess who's fault it is that the insurance DENIED my claims. the dr's office. you see when they receive a large amount of dollar claims they ask for more information from the dr office. and this dr's office in particular according to the insurance company the ditz only sent them the fucking surgery notes. when they asked for and i received a letter copy of what they requested and it was not the surgery notes, no they wanted a history of what happened leading up to the surgery and why it couldn't be fixed non surgically.

so guess who gets to clean up thier mess. i do. and if its denied i don't know who she is but she's gonna fucking pay for making me miserable and for making me stare bankruptcy in its eyes.

stupid fucking morons just making my life so complete. and i get to look forward to working with the queen of morons again soon. maybe i shouldn't say that but i don't care at this point. i really could care fucking less at this point in time. kiss my ass. everything can just kiss my ass. i'm sure a temp agency would loooooooooooooove to get ahold of my skillz and put them to better use than working for that stupid idiot. hell i don't care if i have to go to some retail giant and work as a cashier. FUCK YOU. i'll do whatever i want. i'm tired of being dictated to. KISS MY ASS.