Wednesday, July 08, 2009

sooooooooo happy its wednesday!

monday: was a shit ass terrible day
tuesday: another shit ass terrible day but add PT in the morning
today: great!! no Homer!!! bad: i hate complicated groups!

so my baby boy's eyes are clear one minute and goopy the next. yesterday was his last day on the eye drops... if they are still goopy occasionally by this weekend we're going to give him the rest of Kai's oral anitibiotics they gave us for HER eyes. she's perfect!!

its insane they looked kinda clear this morning and this afternoon when we got home they were fine! clear as a bell and then within an hour they were runny and goopy!! its driving me insane...

we had a chance (still do if we want them, but are still passing) to score extra cheap Nascar tickets this weekend which our 2yr anniversary is the 15th... if Drake's eyes were definatly better we wouldn't be passing!!

i'm off to catch up on my over 130 unread blogs...