Sunday, July 19, 2009

oh vicoden, i did not miss you!

I had PT wednesday and on Thursday we decided to start our walking routine again... because i have been feeling SOOO much better, right...


thursday i woke up sore but it was to be expected. PT after all... went through the day the pain progressing steadily and i just ignored it. refused to let it happen again. i've been feeling good for a while and there is no way i'm letting it come back!

we go to walk on the trail and i can't even walk after a quarter of a mile. the pain shooting into my leg is too severe. we go back to the car and i'm thinking to myself, too soon after PT. that's all. no big deal...

friday i had the numb tingly your foot is waking up after falling asleep feeling. the feeling that i don't know about you guys but when my leg or foot falls asleep i can't touch it until its fully woken up... i lived with that feeling all day friday. the arch of my foot, my middle toe, my calf of my left leg and my thighs. non fucking stop.

yesterday i started taking the vicoden again. sigh. i have regained back 70% of the pain i was feeling before. wtf? can i not get a break??

enough about me, time for Drake...

for those of you who follow me on twitter or facebook this will be old news but for those that don't (what are you waiting for?): we took Drake to the vet yesterday. she tested his eyes again and the ulcer has went away (score one for us) but he was dehydrated. they drew a full panel of blood, gave him an IV of fluids and gave him an injection of antibiotics. he is now on antibiotics orally and more eye drops.

we wont know the results until Monday... i am scared and nervous for my boy. i hope all he has is an upper respiratory infection and they can get this cleared out before it turns into pneumonia. his lungs sound good right now so it hasn't. but if he can't kick this problem it will be.
i'm going to go and watch tv stoned out on narcotics again...
i hate this feeling :-(


  1. I'm sorry you're in so much discomfort :( Hope you get some rest tonight.

  2. Sorry your back is acting up. Hope it gets sorted! ps thanks for your comments on the other blog. Your encouragement helps!

  3. Sorry you pain is back. Back pain is really the worst. Hope poor Drake gets better soon!

  4. Being on prescription pain killers it not fun at all...I've been there before!!

    I hope he feels better!


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