Monday, July 20, 2009

here comes bridezilla

i want my wedding a certain way. i never asked my parents to pay for my wedding. they are graciously giving of themselves and thier money to pay for my 2nd wedding because my 1st "wedding" cost all of $50 bucks. they have spent much more on my sisters' weddings.

i am attempting to do my best to save them as much money as possible. so instead of going with the exact location of Raquel its the same mountain but different building. it still has a lake, its open air, has walls and has bathrooms. bathrooms are a must!!

THIS location for 2 days is the same price they paid for 1/2 a day. why 2 days? i don't want to have my family running around setting it all up a few hours before the wedding getting all hot and sweaty like we did at Raquel's wedding.

and i do NOT want to be in a freakin church! i want nature and i want it outside damnit on the fucking lake by freakin gods i will have it!

i will have pavillion B. i will have catfish and hushpuppies and fries and macaroni salad catered in. i WILL HAVE my pool table groomscake.

who's wedding is it? its mine. its my wedding and i want what i want and i will get what i want.