Wednesday, July 15, 2009

i thought i broke my finger...

yesterday, but i'm sure it would have been much more painful than it was/is... Taranis concluded that i just jammed it real good. and i tore off my nail in the process. thank all things fake that i have false nails and it just tore that off and ripped it half way down the real one!! i think it would have taken my actual nail completely if i didn't have on fakies.

had PT today... i'm doing better. my therapist exhausts me. but i love her. she has my name. we're too cool for anyone else! lol and because of my insurance i have a one on one therapist instead of a therapist that goes around checking on you while the assistant does all the work. that's right, i'm special!

doc cut my pills in half on friday. now i definatly know it was working... i have to remember to keep good posture. its hard to do on my couch. i just wanna sink in and lay all funky!

i've been too busy at work to be hatin on Homer. so no good work gossip if that's what your lookin for. Pic should be back the end of this month. Savannah and I are both mortified that Homer has NOT made any attempts to talk about this... just like when Pic left she ignored that, too and it got a bunch of shit slung!!

i am a bad mommy. we locked Kai out of the bedroom and Drake in the bedroom so we "adults" could sleep. after she cried for about 10 minutes at the door she stopped. i woke up this morning and she was sleeping under the couch. i feel bad but she wont leave Drake or Us alone long enough to get some much needed rest.

my boy is over 9 years old. i don't know why i got a kitten when i have an "old man" cat... he's been dry heaving, walking like he's all stiff and sleeeeeeeeps way much more than normal. his eyes aren't as goopy - just clear tears now but more than before he got sick... i think i'm going to take him to the vet and have them do a full panel. i am worried about my baby boy. i got him right when they said i was clear of cancer the 1st time and he's been by my side since. he's the sole survivor left of the original cats i had and my life before Chicago. i can't lose my boy.

after i got up this morning, i was walking to the shower after checking on Kai (and the hamsters to make sure she didn't retaliate by committing homicide) she wrapped her little arms around my ankle and i dragged her to shower with me. then she sat on the toilette staring at me and purrrrring so loud!! i am a really bad mommy and she still loves me. sigh.

now that my pain is just in the back and hip (its radiates into my hip, its not gonna stop because of where the bad spot is...) its time for us to start walking again... wish me luck!! the pain has made me lazy!