Friday, May 22, 2009

to be or not to pain

i was doing so good!! so good! but i keep having these flareups. who knew that a cold could or would be so debilitating? One 5 minute coughing fit in the shower leads to me being laidup for 2 days and my work being without someone and me going back to taking narcotics heavily.

i think joe is going to look into withdrawing from his 401k if there is anything left in there after the market crashing over and over again... we need a few months rent pulled out to set aside and we'll be ok the rest of the month for normal bills on his income... we kind of have a plan.

i would prefer not to have to do this...and i hope that i can have some PTO saved up before we schedule anything as well... like the doc said its not like its emergency surgery i can plan my life around it... or it around my life?

listen to me just whining and whining. after all its a gorgeous day, i have nothing to whine about except for the fact that im staring out the window instead of being able to go outside and enjoy the pretty sunshine.

cold: go away! if your not gone by wednesday i have to reschedule the epidural and its hard to get a friday appointment!