Saturday, May 30, 2009

perfect saturday...

woke up late, had a burrito for breakfast, played some Gradius III (yes, I have a SNES and it still works, cuz I'm da bomb!) and then went to get my hair cut.

Instead of leaving it all one length with long layers I decided to go with Short Layers and having my bangs shorter than the rest and frame my face... that didn't happen. My bangs while shorter than the rest are a bit below my nose which is perfect but it stops there... They don't "meld" into the rest of my hair its like someone put bowls on top of my head and cut it stair like... the underneath is still very long but i have a "puffy" layer... I don't think the girl knew quite what I was asking for when I said "Layer my face with shorter bangs than the rest and give me layers but keep my hair long... she layered 1 part of my hair really. Its not horrible and it will grow out and in a few months i'll go have someone else do it. oh and about my bangs: 1 side is shorter than the other. by like 1/2 an inch. so thankfully i keep my hair up in a clippy most of the time. and you can't really really tell with the way i style it down anyways. but it still perturbs me. that chic will never cut my hair again and i'll make sure to scrutinize and inspect more the next time i go anywhere.

after that we went and got Lo-Jack a new waterbottle. he's literally chewed through his. Silly Hamster!! and we went to look at the kitties for adoption and it made me really regret telling Joe not to get me a Kitty for my birthday which was what his plan was after I told him I changed my mind on the Blackberry because I'd have to give up my ringtones AGAIN and start all over AGAIN so the money I'd spent on tones would be flushed down the toilette.

honestly i guess i should just give up on ringtones because i keep paying money for them and then end up getting a different phone or service and losing them!! ya'd think i learned my lesson by now.

then we came home and had a nooner. yeap, nothing better than mind blowing sex in the afternoon (TMI yes, but happy for me!!! I'd be happy for you!!!)

Now, I'm going to play Gradius III some more and then rockband II or Guitar Hero III and munch on a salami, pepperoni and cheese snack platter and then have Quesodillas later for dinner. YUMMY!!!!