Monday, May 18, 2009

my adventures in flight and beyond...

it all started with a frantic evening thursday to get my stuff packed away and ready to throw into the truck friday morning. thankfully, i didn't forget a thing!! altho it started to rain non stop and cooled off the ole southern state of Arkansas fairly well and I was freezing in my sandles and capries and short sleeves!!! Argh, I wanted sunshine and warmth!!! teach me not to bring a jacket, even in the "so called" summer...

friday morning came way too early and i started work at 7:15 am; 4:30 pm finally rolled around and I was already dead tired. i picked joe up from work and away we went to the airport. I had less than 2 hours to get there, get through security and find my gate... all on a friday night which is a busy night at the airport with weekend departures. and ofcourse traffic.

thankfully the way to went fairly smoothly but i was in pain and cranky and tired and hungry and wanted hot dogs and joe passed by the hot dog joint which pissed me off and made me crankier. i was just an unpleasant mess. finally we found a little mexican joint and he had a burrito while i had enchiladas. yummy. until the plane ride, but that comes later...

i had just enough time to get through security and wait about 10 minutes to board my plane... or so i thought... 10 minutes after we were supose to start boarding i went up to the gate person and said "excuse me, my flight...." and they said "you've been moved to gate ... and delayed 30 minutes" i said "you didn't announce it" they said "we forget sometimes". i was livid.

so i went down to my new gate and sat down and started reading AFTER i verified with the gate keeper that they had NOT changed me in the 5 minutes it took to walk there... but they informed me that my plane was delayed another 15 minutes so a total of 45 minutes. a page about 45 minutes later said we were delayed again another 45 minutes to an hour and half. then finally after waiting for over 2 hours for my plane (which btw, when i called said it was on time through the automated phone system) we got to board. we sat and sat and sat and sat and the captain came on and said we might have to unboard and cancel the flight until in the morning. which caused a huge uproar amongst the passengers.

finally after about 30 minutes after the announcement he came back on and said he was given clearance to do whatever was necessary to get the plane to little rock because of other passengers waiting there and LR closes at 10pm. Which by now you know thier closed. We were in the air for over 3 hours. the 1st hour i felt like i was going to vomit and then i puked for 20 minutes... good bye mexican food!! we were in some horrible turbulance. it was absolutely aweful. it is only supose to be an hour and a half to 45 minute flight. we went waaaaaaay around in a huge arc because of these tornados in the midwest. sigh. the people waiting for our plane to arrive so they could board had been ushered into the boarding tube thing and had been waiting in there for hours for us to arrive!!

so when i finally arrived at little rock it was after midnight. we didn't get to daddy's house until 2 am. i was supose to be snug in my old room at 10pm. didn't happen!!

Saturday morning momI woke me up at 7:30 to get up and around for gradaution. we went and picked up Pebbles & GrandmaB. on the way home daddy had warned me that Pebbles thought herself to be preggers because she took a home pregnancy test (now a week ago) and it came up positive. Her husband Neopolitan stayed at home and did not attend Raquel's graduation.

any hoot, we get to graduation and there is no place to park. daddy drops us off and we went to find some seats. i got some ok pictures... the lighting wasn't the best. after graduation we went out to a catfish & seafood restaurant and it was marvelously delicious!!

i have made the decision that as much as i love joe's momma and I love her camera she gave us, i need a better one! this one doesn't zoom in hardly at all and in low light conditions its very difficult to get a good picture if you don't have a tripod holding it still... i hope i get a awesome new cam with super zoom and motion sensitivity waiving digital super cam for my birthday!!!

Pebbles told Raquel "i have a graduation present for you but you have to wait 9 months to get it" .......i say tacky. and i am very disapointed in her going off the handle like this and announcing stuff so early and not even having gone to the doc yet. she's known for drinking way too much all the time and smokes like a freight train. i say keep it to yourself until the 1st trimester is over with. you never know what could happen!! sigh. i love her, but sometimes she just runs off at the mouth like she's got verbal diarrhea.

i made a choice to try and not discuss my wedding while we were doing graduation stuffs because i didn't want to take away from Raquel's day. Yes, I talked a little of it but i didn't steal the show! haha. I tried to steer the conversation elsewhere but it didn't happen that well. thankfully it was like super quick and didn't take from her day.

And daddy dropped a huge bomb on me... the house I grew up in is going to be demolished. someone finally bought my childhood home and he and MomI are moving out into the country and taking Grandma with them. (MomI's mom...) Raquel and I are both very upset over this. I feel like they are going to destroy a part of my heart. Raquel and I went through the house taking pictures of eachother in the house and outside the house and just lots of pictures of our family home. the neighborhood has been changing so much and alot of it was rezoned commercial so we knew a business would buy it eventually, but it still hurts alot. alot of the houses have already been sold off and bulldozed on our block.

Sunday Coolio came down from his In-Laws and we went out driving around our old hangouts. I think he looks exactly like he did in highschool! I don't think he's changed 1 bit. Got alot more meat on his bones but I think that is the AirForce! We spent all morning sunday and well into the afternoon just hanging out. it was so wonderful to see him again. I hope that his next transfer is to Florida so our families can be closer together.

On the way back sunday evening it was less eventful. the plane was only delayed for 30 minutes and we have no idea why.

Last night I got my hotdogs from my fave hotdog joint! *yummy* and then we did some laundry so i had clothes today and then went to bed.

This morning when we went to work, i had to go by the bank and when i got to my office i was a little early so i thought i'd read more of "The Stand" by Stephen King (i'm not even 1/2 way yet, this is a huge book!!!!) and I glanced at my cellphone checking the time occasionally and for some reason i was thinking i had needed to clock in later, as in my old hours when they were cut... I was about 30 minutes late for work this morning before it finally dawned on me that Pic is on maternity leave... I was so engrossed in the book and so tired from flying and the pain pills because let me tell you flying is a killer on a person's back and walking all over the airport is not fun at all!!

Daddy took me by the hospital on saturday after graduation and i picked up my MRI film & Xrays from Nov 2005 so I had to carry them around with me at the airport. that hospital use to be so backwoods that they just recently this year got digital imaging!! now i have these expensive and fragile xrays to carry around the airports and onto the plane... and I was standing in line for security check and this little old lady asked me if i had to bring my xrays because i have metal in my body and i was going through metal dectectors. i laughed and said "no ma'am, they give you a little card for that" and she still looked just as confused as ever but thankfully it was my turn to go through the machine and put my stuff on the conveyor belt. i ran fast from the little old lady!!

So that's been my weekend. Today I made mexican chicken casserole for dinner. And we snuggled on the couch watching family guy while it was in the oven. i had a good hour and half of snuggling with my man. I missed my joe so much.