Sunday, May 03, 2009

just kill em, make em dangle at the end of a rope.

then there would be less violent crime and less of our tax dollars paying for them to live after they have taken the lives of the innocent.

yes sir ladies and gents i watched the news again. headline: 9 yr old girl raped, beaten, poisoned and left for dead.

where is the commiter of this crime? in jail living off of our tax dollars.

where is the girl? in a hospital unable to do anything but lay there blind and helpless, forever to be taken care of by someone else, livig in pain and misery.

why is this man still living? he should be made an example of. he should have been drug through the streets in chains while the people beat him with stones and 4x4s with rusty nails in them. and then he should have been made to beg for forgiveness for his unspeakable crime against an innocent little girl while the noose was put around his neck before he was pushed off the fucking plank and his neck snapped.

i tell you right now if they were not so easy on these violent criminals i guarantee you there would be alot less of these mother fuckers running around.

throw em in jail while we pay for thier living. oh yea, that's teaching them a lesson. sure. you know, our ancestors had it right when they tortured and horrifically killed the offenders in public. damn straight they did. it should be reinstated.