Wednesday, May 27, 2009

i have no motivation

work is irritating me.

my ankle, thigh and lower back feels like someone is .....sigh, how to describe this? its hurful and metalic... like i'm walking around with metal shards... i give up. this epidural better help on friday. i'm at my wits end and getting low on pain killers because of earlier this week.

i am becoming a negative pessimistic unhappy and painful person. all i want to do is just sit and do nothing. i have no motivation to do anything right now.

except crochet. i have done 2 colors now and 1/2 way into my 3rd one for our "blanket/throw" for the living room aka for Joe. so far i have red, purple currently doing orange. tomorrow joe is taking me to get blue, green, yellow and not sure what else. i have like a $10 budget for yarn this week. we think i need 6 more colors from what the length of these 3 are so far. so 9 colors and i'm going to trim the outside of it in black so that's 10 total, the yarn itself is $2 so i can buy most of what i need tomorrow.

i'll post up pictures this weekend.

my next project is going to be a camo one. i am going to get the camo yarn and then match solid colors with it and do them interchageably. its going to be so cool!!

the next one i'm also going to experiment on new stitches. i know the basic one i've been doing is great for small projects and while i am moving along at a fairly good pace, i'm sure it'll go much fast once i master another stitch that's ment for large projects like blankies/throws.

oh, and joe bought my engagement ring. and he's hiding it at work. and he said it'll be sometime between now and christmas when i get it. such a tease!!!