Thursday, April 16, 2009

update on today plus gotta go in again for more

i've slept all day and i'm restless and the pain meds are not working like i want them to work. i'm jittery and not sleepy anymore. i've slept all damn day!!!

so, they only did 3 locations, she's giving me time to heal and then will go back on may 7th and do more.

we went to the pharmacy to pick up my new pain meds (darvocet and they don't seem to be working, argh) and it was the most painful experience walking to and from the pharmacy spot. thankfully the pharmacist was awesome and got me out and in bed in no time! my baby was also so sweet and got me mcd's chicken club which tasted like cardboard. damn meds! but the fries were awesome and the sandwich would have been too if it wasn't for the oxygen making stuff taste weird.

i think i like the way the hospital treated me better than doing it in the office of the doc. at the hospital they put me in a gown and started me on feel good meds right away and i was just translucent through the whole procedure and i was in pre-op and post-op longer as well. and ofcourse they wheeled me out in a wheelchair.

this time (and it looks like next time) will be an "in office" again. they had me sit in the room with the machinery. kept all my clothes on me. and didn't start my iv until they were ready to do the procedure. laid me on the table and pulled my pants down under my ass. they didn't give me the sedative until i was already on the operating table. PLUS i had to walk out not in a wheelchair and its a long freaking building from operating office to parking lot!!

ok so i guess i need to lay back down. thanks for listening to me rant.