Sunday, April 05, 2009

guest lists suck, but everything else is great!

so, because I don't "know" that many people and the fact that I hate to leave anyone out because I hate to be left out I think I have set myself up for eventual disapointment.

I put together a pre-guest list with all the people I know... hell, not even ALL just like the ones I had in my address book so I wouldn't be tempted to start spewing people out of my fingers...

Now, here is my problem: I have family members I want to invite. I have family members I don't want to invite. My BioMom's side of the family is so hostile anyways and always fighting. There are people I love dearly but they hate eachother. Knowing this, do I pick one over the other or none of the above?? WHAT DO I DO?

And ofcourse there are folks that live in ChicagoLand that I would like for them to come and I have them on the list but.. seriously? Are they going to come?? Sigh. And if I put an invite out to some of my blogging pals, would you even consider coming?

I am seriously debating on having it as a "intimate family" gathering, very small and say fuck it all, with select friends that I love more than myself. THEN AGAIN I want to have a nice medium sized affair with people that I do like and I get along superbly with and I want to have a good time and actually have someone to throw the bouquet to...

Either way, I hope that in 2 years my list of "friends/acquantances" becomes more defined. And I hope that my BioM's side of the family gets thier act together. And I hope that if I give them enough notice my Daddy's brothers and sisters can all come with thier kids and grandkids. (Yes, the whole friggin family -I know it might not be possible but I can shoot for the stars, right? Its my wedding...)

Joe took me preliminary dress shopping. And I LOVED it. Absolutely just wrap me up in wedding dresses and call me the happiest bride on earth. C'mon girls, when are we going to go shopping???

May 16th my babysis Raquel graduates and I'm going to try my freakin hardest to get to arkansas for the weekend. That sunday we'll all (MomI, Raquel, Hal, Pebbles and hopefully Suga) go and look at dresses.

I was thinking that starting this shindig planning 2 yrs in advance was stupid. But really, its not. My wedding will be in Arkansas. 2 of my Bridesmaids live in Arkansas. So no, its not stupid. Its a smart move, and I love planning my wedding!!

This is so much fun!

ooooooooo, and songs! We have some of the songs picked out. Preliminary ofcourse, I have 2 years to find better songs if we hear them! lol

Ok, I guess I should go and cook breakfast for us... So I guess its breakfast for lunch :)

me trying on 2 dresses