Tuesday, April 07, 2009

destination: arkansas

My lilsis Raquel is graduating in May *squeel* and it looks like I'm gonna get to go *squeel* and then on sunday after graduation me, Raquel, Pebbles, Hal and Suga with MomI are going to go look at dresses *squeel squeel*

oh fuckit, i'm squeeling all the way to arkansas and back. just like a razorback pig, but I guess they grunt more than really squeeling! lol

I am NOT looking forward to getting on an airplane again. but I am looking forward to seeing my baby sister walk down the college aisle before she goes back to get her masters in the fall. She's taking a nice needed break this summer to just chill. Also, she had another bow shoot this past weekend and she's been scoring so high that she now has to compete in the mens and no longer in the womens competitions. Our whole family is just so proud we could bust!

I've also decided to "fuck it" i'm inviting whoever I want (its not even 100 people) and whoever shows up shows up and if someone is upset because they didn't get invited well then I guess they should have spoke up because its not like I havn't had it blasted all over myspace, facebook and my messengers that i need addresses to send out the damn invites. who cares anyways? i got a year to figure out the stupid guest list. maybe i should charge a cover! to help cover the cost of thier food, haha.

my TRUE dilema is the BioMom. When I tell her is she going to want to show up? And is she going to be on her best behavior if I do tell her she can come... That is not a situation I want at my wedding. and i do NOT want her husband there, he can't stay sober for 5 minutes.

1 preggers girl down at work and 7 more to go. the 1st one went into labor yesterday. i missed it. she was in labor while working!!! crazy people! I guess I should say 2 down b/c last friday was another girl's last day until her maternity leave is up but she hasn't gave birth yet. i think pregnancy is contagious in mass environments. i just wish i'd caught it when it was going around.

i should finish dinner and get ready to watch idol tonight. i've never been a fan and all of a sudden i want to watch idol. this is insane!

oh, and if this post doesn't make sense: that's ok, ive been doped up on vicodin all day with my back...