Tuesday, March 31, 2009

lets discuss pain, shall we?

i like to think i'm a pretty tough cookie and i can handle anything... but I think I am wrong sometimes. As you all know I've been dealing with lowerback pain since I first sprained the muscles when I was 15 cleaning out my fishtank. Then, I tore the muscle on my leftside while helping in moving a excess of 400 lb patient at the hospital. And ofcourse we all know I finally done a good one and herniated L4 and L5 when I worked at walmart in 2005. Altho it was a work related injury combined with prior injuries I decided not to ask Wal-Mart to pay for my treatments and I've been footing the bills since.

Now, I herniated L4 and L5 in November of 2005. Week left side muscles combined with overworking myself, depression and doing things I knew I shouldn't do. After months of therapy and drugs I was weened of the narcotics and lived relatively pain free (kind of) until about a year ago. Actually more than that but it became unbearable about a year ago. Turns out my disc desicated, both of them and I've lost an inch in height.

I went to the doc today (remember me fighting the insurance bitch at her office? she was NONE happy that NOONE told her WHY my appoints were being cancelled on me.) and I am now losing my S1. Sigh. So she's going to go in and do preventative measures to help keep S1 healthy (too much pressure on it to overcompensate for L4 and L5 being gone). She's also going to inject "pads" to coushin my spinal nerve root because its been manipulated by the 2 discs 4 & 5. ALSO, those 2 discs are putting pressure on each other and i'm developing stress points. Since I have more disc tissue on my right side than left side this is why I am always leaning towards the right, however doing this I feel burning sensations and I am tearing the disc that's left and desicating it more.

You see those things comming off the back of the vertibrae? they are also pressing against eachother and causing pain and could break off if I am not treated. So on April 16th I go in for atleast 3 injections, possibly more. I'll be on bedrest until Sunday. Return to work on Tuesday. You know how difficult it is for me to just LAY THERE??!! ugh.

I am also on weight restriction of no more than 25 lbs, I am only allowed to walk for excersize and nothing else. Not even stand alone hand weights.

I think this picture shows it best how those wings coming off the back of the vertibrae could hurt eachother and the spinal root.

I want to cry. I am losing another disc. I want to cry and cry and cry.