Friday, March 20, 2009

It's all in the Details!

The details of the big event that is :-)

Want in on the details I do have??

Pink, Silver & Charcoal (Dark) Gray

I have the style of dress I want (it's a secret until final)

Pink & White Orchids. Pink & White Snapdragons. Pink & White Lillies. Pink *hard to pronouce and spell unique flower*(that is for my bouqette and his bouteniere only)

--please forgive any mispellings... i'm tired tonight--

I have 2 bridesmaids picked out. I wont decide who to pick for the maid of honor until I have all my bridesmaids wrapped up. Hal & Suga is who I got so far. I'm debating on asking my sisters Raquel and Pebbles or maybe have them do something else. I think I'm going to have thier husbands be ushers. If I did that then I'm set on Ushers. I was gonna have FaveCuz be an usher but he might not even show up... He's in a bad place in life. Not sure if it'll get better by then.

Oh! and we have a date :-) (i'm be vague) Spring of 2011. The reason its so far out is because we want to be able to move while we're getting married and my mom is doing all the flower arraingements. I think I've said all this before?? I'm sorry if I'm repeating...

I have my photographer picked out! It's Larkin. I'll buy her plane ticket and she's going to basically give us a great deal. I wanted her at my wedding and we figured that having her do the photography was a great way to accomplish that!

We're going to ask my dad to perform the ceremony.

We have ideas on the cakes:
Bridal Cake: White Chocolate Espresso with Irish Cream filling - traditional, simple, 3 tier -reflect colors
Groom Cake: Carrot with Cream Cheese filling -- unique - billiards theme

We have the location, we're going to get married where my sister Raquel did on Petit Jean mountain in Arkansas.

Basically right now what we're doing is getting as much ideas as possible. Enough to let my mom do her thing. Then, in a year (it'll go by fast i'm sure) we'll have everything ready to hit the ground running.

The menu is tricky. I was thinking we should have a "meal" because we're getting married in the evening and people are going to want more than just cake and small talk. The drive to the place is 2 hrs from daddys nearly. Some people further for them. Joe said to do hor dourves. His boss and my supervisor both said "hire a caterer" but that'd be way expensive huh?? So I don't know... I think that some nice hefty hor dourves would be ok, right??? At first I suggested have pizza but he said no on that one!! lol

I'd like to have a full reception and dance and stuff... I guess all that will be decided with time. Its definatly something to chew over.

I have to restrain myself from looking at engagement annoucements and wedding invites. We'll official before ya know it, ya'll :-) getting closer and closer!

I should go make dinner... Anyone have any ideas on food that would be ok like that? When my sister got married out there her husband's family made bbq, hotdogs, burgers & brats and kept it all heated using bunson burner things. So... I don't know. I'm confused about the food. I don't want to haul everyone out of town throw cake at em and send em home. I want everyone to enjoy themselves.

Peace, Love and Harmony!!

the bride to be that's trying not to become a bridezilla