Thursday, February 05, 2009

My name is Jenny, this is my story and I'm stickin to it

Hi, my name is: (uh my name is... uh my name is...) Not Slim Shady

Never in my life have I been to: anywhere outside of the USofA

I hate it when: my womanly happens

If you're going to talk smack about me: say it my face and prepare to be smacked down yerself.

The one person who can drive me nuts is: Joe

When I'm nervous: I chew on my cheeks, crack my fingers, twitch.

The last song I listened to was: snap, I don't remember!

If you were to get married today your maid of honor/best man would be: um. hmmmm. aaah. ooooh. damn. um. faaaahck. Angelina Jolie-Pitt!

My hair is: in nead of a trim & re-color.

When I was 5: I was making the transition to live with my father again.

Last Halloween: we ended up working at Joe's work because some punkass mofo did a "no call no show" and we missed the Trick or Treators.

I should be: doing what i'm doing!

When I look down: I see the Ground

The happiest recent event was: when Joe took me looking for engagement rings *squeel*

My current annoyance is: people at work who fuck up the same things over and over and over and over......rinse and repeat.....again.

I have a hard time understanding: why I'm not rich and famous when you all know I should have millions!

There's this girl who I know: who is a complete fucking stupid whore and i'd love to beat her ass...

The thing I want to buy is: more expensive than I can afford

Most recent thing I've bought myself: Quizznos

Most recent thing someone else bought me was: pizza!

My middle name is: starts with an "R"

In the morning: I'm not gonna want to get out of bed. its too warm and snuggly under the blankies with my hunny

Last night I was: slapping myself for being an idiot

If I was an animal: I'd sleep all the time.

Tomorrow I am: going to go to work.

Tonight I am: going to watch Greys and Private Practice

Now it’s your turn to tell me YOUR story.............