Tuesday, February 03, 2009

i feel discriminated against

because of my backpain. its been increasing exponentially over the weekend. they had inventory today for one of the retail outlets. i took a vic this morning when i woke up and been trying not to take them. because it can affect my coherancy. and i am a billing specialist. well, by the time i got to work i was a little clear headed (pill at 6:30 am clock in at 8:30 am, by 10am i'm a little clearer than on the drive in) but my pain level was increasing because the pain med was wearing thin. i tried to bow out gracefully from the inventory and low and behold i was sent home. now, remember, they hired me with this back pain. they know that i am on these drugs and that i have to take them for my pain. and NOW they are saying that i can not do my job because of the drugs and pain?? the drugs i hadn't had since 6:30 am and that if i can't assist with inventory that i must go home???

like i said, i feel discriminated against.

talked to my dad today, about his pain management of his leg and didn't get far. he wouldn't talk to me about it. instead he insisted that i do anything and everything *I* could to get rid of my back pain.

i called the hospital in preparation for more surgeries/procedures. i don't know if i want to proceed with the doctor i was using or find a new one. i owe some money to the one i was using. been making payments. so i consolidated ALL the bills with the hospital into 1 and made an agreement to pay a certain $ monthly. and that all future bills should beable to be merged with that and join the payment plan.

omigod this heating pad isn't working. its either the position i'm in or something.

FUCK! i don't like PAIN... and its not time for another pill yet...