Wednesday, February 25, 2009

bad pizza bad pizza!! but good dreams :-)

so we ordered pizza lastnight. with my inability to feel "normal" and Taranis' hunger for something different there was never a better option. so we had pizza lastnight and tonight... mmmmmmmmmmm piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiza

i still don't feel normal. worse, i have heartburn from... Cream of Onion soup... Yes, I ate cream of onion soup. I didn't know what it was when i started, but it soon became clear to me what I was eating. And with no tastebuds, who cared?! not me. and beggars can not be choosers when they are eating free food from the employee cafeteria.

i like to day dream... do you like to day dream? i think we're going to play the lottery. even if i don't win the whole thing I would love to win some of it. dreaming of my dream home in Arkansas and the place we would buy/build on the beach in florida... The traveling and the ability to be our own bosses by starting our own business, no idea what we would do yet, its different every time...