Saturday, February 28, 2009

are they all idiots?

You guys who read my blog are smart, right? I know KRM is, he understands what's going on. Taranis is a smart cookie too. He understands the business I work in. He understands the need for conference centers/resorts.

conference resort = sleeping rooms included (plus catering)

conference center = clients pay a hotel for sleeping rooms and the conference center is not near the sleeping rooms... which means time and travel between center and sleeping rooms and outside catering.

so that means conference resort = more convenient and most of the time less expensive b/c food, beverages, etc are included in the package...

its like the wal-mart supercenter for meeting planners/travel planners, etc. That's who I work for, the "WAL-MART Supercenter for Conferences"

What I'm upset about is these people WHO DON'T UNDERSTAND that if they call off meetings/conferences -IF THEY NEARLY ELIMINATE- the business I work in that it would mean shutting down/crippling other businesses as well. And be another crippling strike to our economy.

I don't normally get all heated up. But people just don't understand that airlines make money, other transportation makes money, local restaurants and other businesses benefit. THE FUCKING COUNTY AND CITY BENEFITS BECAUSE OF THE TAX REVENUE THAT IS GENERATED. those people pay taxes in our cities and counties which gives more money to our schools and roads. They play our Lottos because there is no lottos in thier state so when they are here, they play ours so that gives our state more money!

Do you know who will lose work at my resort?

People who have jobs like setting up the conference room to specifications, the housekeepers that clean the rooms, the front desk personel who checks them in, the cooks in our restaurants, THE OLD MEN WHO WORK DURING THE SUMMER ON OUR GOLF COURSE TO HELP SUPPLEMENT THIER RETIREMENT INCOME, The young men who want an outside job during the summer, the souse chef interning, the old lady who likes kids and works for our child activities program to supplement her income, the assistant who wants to be a teacher and uses our program for extra experience before she goes into the classroom while in college, the massage therapists, the bartenders and pinsetters (we have a bowling alley), i could go on forever.......

Guess who else will lose work?

I can guarantee that over half of the office personnel would be laid off/fired. There wouldn't be a need for so many planners with no companies having meetings so they would go first. And with no meetings there would be no need for 2 of us AR girls so one of us would have to go and there might not be enough work for even 1 us so the other's hours would be cut to parttime instead of fulltime. MAYBE if the person left is lucky they would get to stay fulltime. And all the other people who work in the office, i'm sure they could and would find jobs to consolidate because there would be less to do. So for every 2 jobs consolidated you'd have 1 person laid off.

And how many conference centers/resorts are there?? That's alot of people that would lose thier jobs. That's alot of schools that would lose money. CPS is broke as it is. DO they really need less money??

C'mon stop being idiots! Stop calling for my industry to go up in flames. For it to burn into a pile of rubble that no one would be able to re-build.

We've already lost the Auto Industry, they stopped having thier sales conferences to kick off the new quarters and year ends, etc. That was a huge slice of our revenue.

Not to mention the housing/land market the way it is. We've lost the developers as well. No more developers conventions with builders, etc. That was a nice slice of revenue too. We use to be so busy the 2 of us AR girls we had someone filing for us so we could concentrate on billing and making our clients happy. Now we struggle to find something to do!!

Give us back our developers. Give us back the auto industry and for the love of a healthy economy, don't take away the banks and other investment type firms...