Saturday, January 31, 2009

vacation details, stalkers & work parties

Did I tell you all the exact dates we were leaving?? I can't remember. I hope I didn't...

The thing is, someone is viewing this blog that I really would rather they not. Because they are not in my life anymore. I had asked my former employer to keep my new address confidential. I have reasons to believe that it was not kept confidential. Altho they might not know that she and I are no longer friends... HOW they wouldn't know is beyond me because she loves to spew at the mouth about anyone and everyone that she believes did her wrong (whether or not they actually did her wrong doesn't matter)... How do I know she is viewing my blog?? Well, its not really hard to find out WHO when you have a tracker and it shows the former company. The really marvelous thing is that instead of contacting me she is stalking me. I feel it as stalking. I made her not a part of my life and now she's peeking in. Post a comment, send a text or email... Unless your trying to claim that I owe you money --which is bogus. You can just not bother.

So, my vacation details will not be of a in depth detail anymore. Because this person now has my address. I am however still looking for someone to stay here while we're gone. Someone that I can trust. I've asked one of the girls from TheSpa that i use to work with as we were 'friends'; however do not have an answer yet.

Ok! On with the show...

I got all my w2s in. *yay* and I filed. We have *just enough* right now for the car rental and a few extra things to do while in Florida. I'm in "mad savings mode" to try and get more money saved up so we can do a just a *few more* extra things.

I must say that I miss TheFirm's work parties. I was never uncomfortable and I always had someone to talk to. The unlimited booze and "on the house" was nice as well!! However, the retirement party for one of the directors lastnight was a bit... These people have known eachother for years. I have been with the company for almost 3 years but I havn't been apart of this "environment" for very long. And when I started out I was treated like "a temp" because it wasn't certain that I'd be sticking around back in AcctgCmd. I have always avoided the Parties for TheResort. For 2 1/2 years I've bowed out of them all. Lastnight I went to my first party with TheResort as a member of AcctgCmd. (I went to 1 with TheSpa my 1st X-Mas with them, it was a Karaoke bar that I frequented alot and so I was comfortable there)

Last night we were the 1st to get there so we enjoyed a silent beer at the bar. The retiring director and 2 of his people and a person from sales showed up and waved us over to his table. We hung out and talked with them. Then everyone else started to show up. I hate to say that ANS, the Retiree, the guy from sales and Addison were the only people to really talk to me. Homer said a few words along (hi, been here long?) with Montie and Akira. Otto didn't even say "hi" to me and we sit right next to eachother in the office! Nevada and Pic didn't show up either. Savannah just got back from Taskforce and was taking it easy with her family whom she hasn't seen in 3 weeks. So in other words, I said my good-byes after 2 beers and we came home.

By the time we got home I was so sad and my self esteem had went the way of the Dodo. Somewhere, somehow I ended up picking a fight with Taranis about stupid shit.

I feel better now. We went and picked up some milk this morning from the store (the 1 thing we needed most we forgot when we went shopping Thursday night) and Starbucks. then we came back to the house and I made french toast. Yummy.

Time for me to go and watch the food network channel.. And find Aida's recipe for quesadillas. And the Sangria recipes they've featured today so far... i'm drooooling. My gods I love Sangria!!! And Quesadillas!