Saturday, January 31, 2009

hail to food network!

I am a "almost semi-homemade" kind of cook. I can take your canned this and your boxed that and with my imagination make you something delicious! I can't stew my own tomatoes and I can't make my own bread. "from scratch" is not in my vocabulary but I can take x and c and create t. Get it?

When I set out to make quesodillas today I realized quickly that I don't have tortillas. I decided that I would make my own... From scratch. HAHAHAHAHA. That idea lasted about as long as I saw "kneed the dough, let it rise, etc". So I went on a mission and found biscuits in my fridge. mmmmm. You guessed it. I took my biscuits and rolled them out onto a floured surface and make medium sized flat rounds. I then took every type of cheese we had in the house and mixed it all up in a bowl. I fried on my new griddle the "tortillas" and as each one was done i put em on a rack to cool. then i stuffed em with cheese and put em in the oven for 10 minutes on each side to make sure everything was good and cooked inside and out. They turned out to be a perfect golden brown with your more darkened spots because of the griddle and the cheese was so melty!! Joe said they were perfect!!

My next step was I always have to have spanish rice with my mexican food. bummer, no bagged/boxed spanish rice!! however, I had regular rice and I had an extra packet of taco seasoning. I started to prepare the rice per the directions on the bag and right when it was boiling hard i put in the spice. next time i'm going to add diced mexican tomatoes, that's really the only thing that was missing with the rice. other than that, Joe said it was delicious as well!

We had just enough sour cream and we had alot of guacamole left over from the taco salads on new years eve. I also shredded some lettuce and broke out the salsa.

Personally I like to put the toppings on the side and take bites at a time because sometimes i like my quesadilla by itself. or the toppings alone as well!

I just wanted to share with you all that all this time i spend watching food network and all the cook books that i order all the time really do come in handy! i really think that i should open my own restaurant... Diners Drive-Ins and Dives clearly proves that you don't have to go to cullinary school to be a great cook and own a great restaurant, you just have to KNOW how to cook and not be afraid to experiment! --which as Joe and Hephaestus can tell you, I am not afraid of experimentation. And everyone who has ever had me cook dinner for them all claim that I'm an excellent cook!

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  1. Being able to whip together something edible (in my case) or excellent (apparently, in your case) is far more inportant than being able to do anything from (a) scratch or (b) by following directions, including precise ingredients precisely.

    The taste (etc.) of the end result is the only true criterium for good cooking.


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