Saturday, January 03, 2009

Tax Season Blues

So I was all hot and set and ready to go ahead and file without my W-2 (cuz I rock like that) and was going through the "interview" and one of the options I clicked was "I have lost a job this year". And then it says "did you draw unemployment" yea... I did... I have to wait because I didn't get any paperwork when my shit was direct deposited into my banking account.

And ofcourse I DID work for like 2 months at that one place... And made nice money while I was there... And if i'm going to wait for them I'll have the Firm's W-2 by then as well (hopefully my emails will go through and I'll get my addresses and stuff changed in time)

The burden of being laid off and trying to find a job. Sucks donkey balls I tell ya, sucks donkey balls!!

Now if I can just find a change of address for the IL state government for my shit from the unemployment office.... I'm crossing my fingers that my stuff will be forwarded to the House and not end up at the old Condo. Or worse yet, at Crystal's house. ACK!