Friday, January 09, 2009

damn you head!

yesterday i walked around with a dull ache in my head most of the day. it was not annoying and barely noticed it was there. then about 4pm out of no where i had a white blurr in my vision. i couldn't see. it was like being blinded. i almost panicked but i started to see "a little" but then i literally had blinding pain on the right side of my head behind my right eye.

i clocked out 15 minutes early.

by the time Joe was there to pick me up the white blotch on my vision had almost completely dissapeared. it moved from center of my vision to the top/left side of my vision. now this was not 1 eye but both. and as the vision cleared the pain in my head got worse. as the pain got worse I got nauseous.

we came home, joe cleaned up the kitchen and got all that done. he cooked dinner as well. (all this during my nap on the couch after taking some vicoden) my head had dulled enough for me to watch Greys and Private Practice. I snacked on dinner, eating slowly and eating little bites.

I went to bed early. Slept off n on until 12 this afternoon. When my alarm went off to wake me up it felt like thousands of drummers beating on my brain.

i can feel this threatening to come back. its not completely gone away. i have temporary moments where my vision is not the greatest and i have what i describe as "white noise" (like you see on a tv that doesn't have good reception on a channel --the white and black snow on the picture) in my field of view.

these moments have been occuring more often and more extreme since they did that procedure on my back. Savannah at work (and oh god she's leaving for 3 weeks on a task force to florida!!! my hero is leaving me!!!) says it could be from the spinal block, since she had her last child she gets em too but not as often or as severe as i have been.

i'm going to take a shower. this computer is not good for my head right now.