Tuesday, December 16, 2008

yea ...sure...

so i seemed to have failed to mention that on the way home from the holiday party on saturday we witnessed this chick going down on a guy while he was driving. i mean total full force her half naked ass peaking over the window and all. it was sick --as in make me barf.

my man cooked dinner tonight. he's so awesome.

my feet are cold. i don't think it'll ever stop snowing. its like a foot already out there. i hope we get snowed in! that'd be too awesome to spend all day wrapped up in bed together...

Our office is officially closed on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and the day after as well as the normal weekend of Sat & Sun. THEN we are closed on New Years Eve (which means all day cooking the Lasagna for me) and we are closed New Years Day.. however we unfortunatly have inventory on the 2nd (Friday) but it's possible we can go home early instead of having it a full day. how sa-weet?

Eventually the weather has got to clear up or i'll NEVER get the rest of Joe's presents bought nor will I get by the bank to cash the $$present$$ his momma sent us so I can buy some warmer shirts for work --brrrr in that office brrrrr--

Miss Nilla (or was it Drake?) has been finding a way to open her cage door at night. I hopefully have it locked up tight now. We'll see. Monday morning she was literally, out of the cage and moving her food from her wheel that's ground level to a corner. This morning her cage was open but she was asleep in one of her towers. --She scares me. If this keeps up I might ask Joe if we can trade them cages. Lo-Jack's seem to be more tight and he has no interest in being outside of that cage. However she wants out sometimes.

Crazy animals. Crazy people. Just craaaazay!