Friday, December 12, 2008

thumpity thumpity thump thump

lol, i love watching the movies i grew up watching. I hope thier still around for when Joe & I have kids. That's why I want to buy the classic christmas box set that's out there --anyone wanna get me that for christmas?? The Charlie Brown Holiday Box Set and the Classic Christmas Movies box sets.

We did the Secret Santa drawing today at work. I got one of the execs --he's retiring in January. It's his last holiday with us and I draw his name! How funny is that? I was really scared I'd end up drawing the Head Exec over my department but thankfully didn't.

Well, everyone else is talking about Holiday Traditions so I'll talk about our Holiday Traditions.

Growing up we'd ofcourse have Thanksgiving dinner like everyone else, we'd usually have it around Noonish to 1pm to ensure lots of snacking! The night of Thanksgiving or the day after we'd put up the tree. That weekend we'd decorate the outside of the house. I don't remember alot of details regarding ornaments, etc but we always had a pretty unique tree and very eclectic.

Christmas Eve was spent with Aunts and Uncles and family cheer and opening up gifts from them. While Christmas Morning in my opinion was the greatest. Daddy would make Mickey Mouse pancakes for breakfast... Actually, he still does! Thier's nothing better than waking up Christmas morning and tearing into presents in your jammies and eating pancakes!

Well, that's the tradition from when I was kid. Nothing real exciting.

Joe and I are working on creating our own little traditions that will hopefully be with us until our grandchildren are having grandchildren and thier grandchildren! (i know, getting carried away there...)

Last year was a bust because Joe spent Turkeyweek with his family in Florida while I spent Christmasweek with my family in Arkansas.

This year we started to cook our Turkey about 11 am (?) and ate dinner about 5pm. Which was just right. I ended up starting to put up the tree around 2 am, lol. Technically it was Friday (which is the agreed date to put up the tree between us).

I've made 3 batches of Sugar Cookies so far this year.

We have a beautiful tree we found at the perfect price. We have Candy Canes, Icicles, various sized balls and other "traditional" glass/plastic ornaments. We have 2 "special" ornaments: one is Bumble the Abominal Snowman from "Rudolph and the Misfit Toys" (my most favoritest holiday movie) --I feel like Bumble sometimes...misunderstood and lonely. And we also got a Siamese Cat that looks JUST like my Drake from when he was a younger kitty. He's 8 now.

We plan on getting 1 special unique ornament a year. I love the ones we have so much right now (the plain/traditional balls) that I think next year we'll be set and not have to spend so much money!!! Altho I'm definatly getting a different tree topper. I loved the Star we have in the store, but it's lacking something and I really think I want an Angel (but I call em Fairies *giggle*) that lights up next year instead.

We have the stockings, mine is purple joe's is green and drake's is a fish. we have a red one for Nilla and another green of a different style for Lo-Jack. But Nilla & Lo-Jacks are the same style while mine and Joe's are the same styles... Maybe next year we'll get more unique ones to represent us but for now these will do, I couldn't find any that I liked but these.

I guess it's time for pictures now .....

By this time tomorrow we'll be schmoozing it up with Joe's co-workers... wish me luck!