Sunday, November 02, 2008

oh rockband! how we love you!!!

flawless - flawless - flawless

i got so many flawlesses this weekend i am amazed at myself.

we also played with others using the online stuff. hooray to playstation network for having free community!!!

(you suck xbox for making people pay for it)

we made a new friend. he's a drummer.

and ofcourse we rocked it out with one of our sneezy buddies!

there is nothing better than wailing it all weekend long.

i now crown ourselves the king and queen of rockband!

i am so not looking forward to work tomorrow. joe's boss is off so up at 5am i will be.

and ofcourse our halloween was almost ruined because some fucker at his work never showed up and we had to stay until 7pm and by the time we got home after eating dinner we missed the trick or treaters.

so we definatly needed a weekend long of screaming and singing and rockin it.

mucho love mo fos!