Saturday, November 22, 2008

checking up on me??

I had a shocking visitor listed in the ole tracking archives on the 19th of November. I have NO idea why someone from that company would want to look at my Blog unless it was Crystal. And seeing as how the tracker says they didn't stay very long I must be pretty darn boring and didn't provide any juicy details for her to gab on and on about --oh! but you'll remember that I was complaining about shit being messed up on that day....

So tell me. Do I have your visits to look forward to in the future? Was it just a fluke? You can tell us.

Just don't call. A post would be more than efficient.

And if it's one of the owners of the company:
What's up? Btw, You should probably clean out the mailbox listings in the phone system... I'm still in there along with the OTHER people who Ya'll laid off last January right after new years....

That was really shitty timing, btw...

And Mrs. "Oh, I tried... I tried..." why was there a smirk on your face??

Yea, as the tears rolled down mine.